Aoccdrnig to rseearch
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Aoccdrnig to rseearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it 
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This is a filelist with bootstrap div list-group 
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Old moggy hiding in the trees
RSS feed in post
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RSS Feed
A RSS feed in a blog post See This 
Big Bird
Big Bird
23:35 01:03:17
So what are you gonna do...Bite me!
Bootstrap Blog Twig v2
  • These filters can be applied to the blog
    The filters are activated by keywords added to the 'no entries found' parameter of the blog function
    bs_pagination = Convert pagination to bootstrap markup
    no_link = No links in comments
    no_img = No images in comments
    no_tube = No embedded youtube in comments
    dump = Display debug dump of _context variables
  • The image has been from the post description to allow for better customisation
  • Added a nl2br filter so that newlines are converted to line breaks in the description text on the post list page
    (not <br /> tags as these are stripped out on the server)
  • The post content no longer disappears when replying to a comment
  • Improved the page navigation it now reloads to the comment form
  • BBcode and emoticon insertion tool for comments (disabled on 'mobile' devices)
  • Fixed the BBcode [code] tags in comments
    the contents are displayed in a bootstrap scrollable <pre> element
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